Silk Stalkings (DVD) Review

Nominated for only one Emmy, the entertainment quality of Silk Stalkings is nevertheless evidenced by its nine season run which is one of the most enduring ever for an original cable TV series. Partly responsible for this lack of critical acclaim is that Silk Stalkings was a trailblazer in the cable genre, and handing out Emmys to original cable series didn’t become fashionable until the late-1990s when Sex And The City and The Sopranos broke the cable barrier for good. Another contributing factor to the lack of peer recognition is that Silk Stalkings lasted about four seasons longer than it should have, given that nearly the entire cast and crew were replaced after the first five seasons. Regardless, this hour-long drama series set in Palm Beach, Florida contains all the necessary ingredients for a hit show – beautiful people in a beautiful setting with lots of murder, violence, and intrigue. Silk Stalkings offers everything one could ask for in a TV drama, and the show’s success helped pave the way for additional original cable series such as Monk and The Shield

Silk Stalkings follows the exploits of two Palm Beach, Florida detectives who investigate murders and other high profile crimes in an elite community which is no stranger to fame and fortune. Sgt. Chris Lorenzo (Rob Estes) and Sgt. Rita Lee Lance (Mitzi Kapture) are partners on the local 무료스포츠중계 Palm Beach Police Department, and each episode they must investigate one or more high-profile crimes. The dynamic relationship between Chris and Rita is a focal point of the show, and the two will overturn every stone and use every tactic at their disposal to bring justice to those who, either due to fame and/or wealth, believe they are above the laws that governor average people Veteran entertainer Ben Vereen plays their boss, Capt. Hutchinson, in seasons one through three before being replaced by Charlie Brill (Capt. Harry Lipschitz) for the remainder of the series Overall, Silk Stalkings is a finely scripted investigative drama cut from the same mold as Law & Order SVU

The Silk Stalkings DVD features a number of dramatic episodes including the series premiere in which Chris and Rita investigate the case of model murdered in her townhouse. The main focus of the investigation centers around the model’s husband, and the couple’s impending divorce proceedings only serve to place him under greater suspicion. Digging further, Chris and Rita link a cold case file to the murder, but a wrench is thrown in their investigation when the ex-cop who investigated the case is himself murdered Other notable episodes from Season 1 include “Dirty Laundry” in which Chris and Rita investigate the mysterious death of a congressmen found on the beach near his home, and “Internal Affair” in which Chris becomes embroiled in police brutality controversy when he shoots and kills a suspect during a burglary in progress

Below is a list of episodes included on the Silk Stalkings (Season 1) DVD:

Episode 1 (Pilot) Air Date: 11-07-1991
Episode 2 (Going to Babylon) Air Date: 11-14-1991
Episode 3 (S.O.B.) Air Date: 11-21-1991
Episode 4 (In the Name of Love) Air Date: 11-28-1991
Episode 5 (Men Seeking Women) Air Date: 12-05-1991
Episode 6 (Dirty Laundry) Air Date: 12-12-1991
Episode 7 (Hard Copy) Air Date: 12-19-1991
Episode 8 (Curtain Call) Air Date: 01-02-1992
Episode 9 (The Brotherhood) Air Date: 01-09-1992
Episode 10 (Blo-Dri) Air Date: 01-16-1992
Episode 11 (Intensive Care) Air Date: 01-23-1992
Episode 12 (Squeeze Play) Air Date: 01-30-1992
Episode 13 (Shock Jock) Air Date: 02-06-1992
Episode 14 (The Sock Drawer) Air Date: 02-13-1992
Episode 15 (Internal Affair) Air Date: 02-20-1992
Episode 16 (Witness) Air Date: 02-27-1992
Episode 17 (Domestic Agenda) Air Date: 03-05-1992
Episode 18 (Lady Luck) Air Date: 03-12-1992
Episode 19 (Working Girl) Air Date: 03-19-1992
Episode 20 (Powder Burn) Air Date: 03-26-1992

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