Spot the Ball Competitions brought Online

The position of the ball must be deduced from the positions of the sportsmen shown in the photograph and perhaps where they are looking.

The game was extremely popular in the UK in the 1980s as part of newspaper promotions. Players would pay for a certain number of crosses on the picture, which was sent in by post to the promoter. Sometimes players could cover the picture with hundreds of crosses, and special stamps were manufactured which helped people fill in the picture with regular arrangements of crosses. Where several entrants had identified the correct area, a special high-powered magnifying device would be used to determine which of the crosses was the closest.

Sometimes the “correct answer” is the position of the ball as judged by a panel of experts, rather than the position of the actual ball before it was removed. This may be to prevent collusion with anyone who has seen the actual photograph used. has developed this popular form of competition and brought it to an online 축구중계 playing field. Each spot the ball competition is a game of skill and judgment where both the thrill of playing and the odds of winning are higher. 1 in offers people who love to play games a chance to come together to test their skills in sports competitions with fantastic prizes. Taking part is easy, winning is a question of skill.

Spot.Click.Win competitions use photographs of real games of sport to offer players a 1 in 3000 chance of winning one of our luxury prizes. From football fans to avid golfers, these competitions offer all sports enthusiasts the chance to win an out of this world prize and to choose from a variety of exciting prize level games.

Try your skill, for example, at winning a Ferrari or Aston Martin in a 55 ticket level game or use your skills to win a luxury sports car from a 20 ticket competition. Playing the games is fun, exciting and easy and for the player with the best skills in each competition a dream prize is only a click away.

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